Elijah Craig Small Batch: Younger Days Are Here

Bourbon lovers from around the world breathed a collective sigh of disappointment as our suspicions were confirmed last week: Heaven Hill would be dropping the age statement from Elijah Craig Small Batch. It’s hard not be bummed by this news. One of the last high-quality bargain bourbons, relegated to the ranks of the non-age-statement offerings. Oh well. What are you gonna do, drive around to all the local liquor stores in search of some remaining age statement bottles for the bunker? Yep! That’s precisely what I did yesterday, and I was shocked to find the NAS version on the shelf of the first store I visited. Already? Really?!?! I didn’t think it would happen so soon after hearing the news, but I was clearly wrong. Even though I planned to continue searching for some 12-year bottles (I found some, don’t worry), I couldn’t help but wonder how the NAS bottle would compare to its predecessor. Let’s find out, shall we?

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Aromasising – P90X for the Nose

From the moment I first picked up a whiskey book and read that first review, I was amazed how the author/taster could pull out so many aromas from the nose. Before reading those early reviews, I often nosed my bourbon, but that’s just because I loved the smell of it, like a drug. I would happily smell bourbon all day long if I had nothing more pressing to do with my time.

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2015: What a Year!

Well, being that this is my first blog post, and this past year was my first as an aspiring whiskey aficionado, I thought I’d take some time to write about where I started at the beginning of the year, where I’ve landed at the end, and several missteps and lessons learned along the way. This post will serve as my introduction to you all, and will hopefully provide the backdrop and context for all of my future posts. If such things are of interest to you, please read on, although I do feel compelled to warn you. This introduction may be a bit long-winded. I promise my future posts will be a bit more succinct. 🙂

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