Northern Virginia Bourbon History

So many times over the years I would carry my mountain bike down the three flights of stairs of my Reston, Virginia condo, strap on my trusty helmet and CamelBak, and head out in search of urban terrain to practice my trials skills on. In case you’re not familiar with mountain bike trials riding, I highly recommend you watch this video of Danny MacAskill. It will help paint the picture of what was floating around in my head as I headed out on each of these sessions. I dreamed big and aspired to ride like Danny one day, but in reality, simply doing a pedal kick off a four-foot wall was enough make my heart pound out of my chest.

Despite my dreams and hard work, I was no Danny MacAskill! It just wasn’t going to happen. Nevertheless, I went out riding daily, and many of those rides took me past a mysterious old building that I always admired. It was an abandoned building with boarded-up windows that looked like it was once a warehouse with a small loading dock on the side. I didn’t know the history of this building and I never bothered to do any research. I simply admired it. I hoped it would one day go up for sale and I’d have enough money to buy it, renovate it, and make it my home. It was on the market for a while, but I believe they were asking just north of $1,000,000 for it. So much for that idea!

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Beehive Bitters Whiskey Cocktail Challenge

Thanks to the awesome whiskey community and the generous folks at Beehive Bitters Company, I was able to try something new and fun on Instagram this past week. When Beehive Bitters recently released their Bourbon Barrel Aged Caramelized Orange bitters, the idea suddenly came to me: why not host an online cocktail challenge? Has it been done before? I like whiskey. I like cocktails. I like Beehive Bitters. It seemed like a sound idea to me, so I got in touch with Mike D’Amico, the founder of Beehive Bitters, and pitched it to him. He loved the idea and we quickly worked out the specifics. Here’s what we came up with…

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